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SHR All Around Testament to Yeti JH

Tess comes from one the the best field producing sire x dam combinations in the nation. Many fantastic dogs have come from GRHRCH(6) Runs Creek's Be Ready For Yeti HOF MH MNH OS HTHF x SHR Wagzu's Red Solo Cup JH OD. Tess’ pedigree has not let us down. She is a high drive and biddable hunt test dog with an impressive work ethic. She also has the sweetest temperament and goofy personality in the house.  Tess pedigree and clearances can be viewed at,

SHR All Around Red Hot Best Seller (Paige)

We acquired Paige as a 1year old. She comes from a well known pedigree that has produced numerous talented dogs. GRHRCH(3) Runs Creek Red Hot Titan MH MNR x HRCH Emmie Lou Greenwing MH.   Paige inherited Titan’s stylish good looks and has a sweet affectionate personality in the home. She has a love for water like no other and will retrieve all day long. 


**Stud** Sunfires Bright Side JH 
Honorifics: JAM, 2023 GRCA National Speciality Qual.

Andy not only has great looks and color but an outstanding pedigree too.  His pedigree includes titles from hunt tests, obedience and rally and more. He has a great off switch, calm and easy going in the house. Andy has a deep red coat with a nice square head set. He is always ready for any adventure that awaits. From hikes, hunting or As long as we is with his family, he is a happy dog!!- CHIC # 164063 -AKC SS13657607


PRA 1 and 2-clear


DM status-clear

Pedigree and clearance listed on link below.

SHR All Around Bewitched by Millie JH

Millie has a very strong field pedigree and it is demonstrated in her work ethic.  Millie has always had a huge prey drive which was present  at a young age.  She has always excelled at training grasping new concepts quickly. She is a pleasure to hunt with in both upland and waterfowl. She is extremely affectionate, has great manners while in the house but can flip a switch when it comes to training or hunting. 

Our dogs : Team

Arkgold semper all around luck 

Bonnie is 48lbs of pure sweetness. Don’t let her size fool you she we will chase, retrieve anything with feather. She has a big heart and is always willing to sit with you for extra attention and affection. She has a high toy drive but a great off switch for the house.  She loves her pool time and has a great water entry. Health clearances and pedigree linked below.

Our dogs : Team
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