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Puppy pick up and travel?

New puppy owners can pick up their new family member at our residence or they can schedule other means of pickup or transport as approved by All Around Retrievers. We due charge a $75 fee for meeting the owners at McCarran international airport, due to the 3 hour round trip drive. 

Health warranty?

Our puppies do come with a 26 month health warranty on  hip dysplasia.  If your puppy is diagnosed by a veterinarian, you must provide documentation from your veterinarian of the diagnosis including radiographs and OFA or PENNhip certification to us within the 26mo. We do reserve the right to pay for a second opinion at our expense. You must also provide veterinary proof of spay or neuter of the associated dog. We will then either provide you with an replacement puppy or a refund at the breeders discretion. If the replacement puppy is of a higher price you will be responsible for the additional cost. The associated dog does not need to be surrendered to the breeder but the breeder will take the dog back at any time if that is what the buyer prefers.

Limited or full registration?

Our puppies are sold with limited registration pending completion (and pass) of all recommended GRCA health clearances and a JH or equivalent title is earned.

Registering your puppy?

Puppies do come with AKC registration. We do require that the puppies have a our kennel name “All Around” somewhere in the registered name. 

Puppy deposits?

A deposit to hold your pick is $300. Hunting and working homes will get preference of pick as we do our best to match puppies with the type of home they are going to. Deposits can be made via Zelle or Venmo. Contact us if either of those methods does not work for you. Deposits are fully refundable if circumstances change until the litter is born. We do guarantee that our puppies are not affected by inherited genetic conditions however we can not guarantee a puppy to be clear on all conditions (based upon carrier status of dam/sire puppies may occasionally be a carrier). A buyer may request an all clear puppy and may choose to test (at their expense) a couple of puppies and make their decision based upon the associated tests(in order of pick). If puppies are born and buyer backs out of purchase due to carrier status they will waive their deposit. 

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